Abstracts are organized by panel. Please check the program for a quick overview of panel content.

Click on a panel title to view content.  

06 June: all panels have been added to the site.

Plenary Abstracts

Collective Memory

Print Culture of WWI and WWII

Art during the Rise of Fascism

Propaganda 1

Ruptures: Bodies, Senses and Spaces of War

Colonial Encounters

Commemoration and the Built Environment 1

Commemoration and the Built Environment 2

Responses to Contemporary Warfare

Propaganda 2

Battlefield Imagery in Sixteenth Century Europe

The Soldier’s Body

Truth and Agency in Modern and Contemporary Photography and Film

Women and the Image of War during World War I and World War II

Artist as Witness: War as Desolation

Soldiers Documenting War

The Art of Resistance


Documentary Photography and Reportage

Civilian Resistance in Modern and Contemporary Art

The Classical World

Practitioners’ Perspectives

Special Presentation by Natasja Peeters, Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History, Brussels

Curatorial Perspectives

Military Culture in Sixteenth Century Italy

Perspectives on World War I and World War II

Postgraduate Panel 1: Propaganda

Postgraduate Panel 2: Representing War

Postgraduate Panel 3: Trauma and Post-Conflict Representations of War


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